Ovarian Cancer: The brave event

Ovarian Cancer Canadapartnered with Elly Mayday (an ovarian cancer survivor) and Addition Elleto create “The Brave Event” an in-store event from June 1-6 across Canada. Customers can buy one, get one free of all lingerie, and donate to Ovarian Cancer Canada (link below). Like many of you who follow me on social media or read my website I didn’t know much about Ovarian Cancer but it was close to my heart as I’ve lost someone who fought against the disease. My involvement started when my god father asked me to attend the “The Ladyballs show and tell” event here in Regina. After hearing all the brave women on stage telling their stories (Elly Mayday included) it inspired me to start educating myself more and find ways I can be of service to these women. We all have a voice to spread love and inspire one another to be strong and keep moving forward. My voice just happens to be Beauty Talks Beauty and in the smallest way I can help with organizations that are spreading love and up lifting one another I’ll do my best to help. The Brave event is happening across Canada at anyAddition Ellestore! Stop by and get yourself some lingerie which will help a great cause. The link below will direct you to the Ovarian Cancer Canada website where you can donate.

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