Falling in love with Fall







Before we start this post I’d just like to say that I dislike all things pumpkin spice. I’m still not sure why it’s associated with fall? Nonetheless, Fall is my favourite time of the year and I know for so many people (my sisters included) absolutely dislike it. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next person but it’s a given, right? We all love summer. Fall is so underestimated and I wanted to high light a few things to look forward to during this time.

Cozy Nights In: For all you Netflix and chill people you no longer have to feel ashamed about staying in to binge watch old episodes of F.R.E.N.D.S. Not to mention exciting new shows and all your old favourites come back on (I’m looking at you “Scandal”).Fall Fashion: A.K.A “best of both worlds” I can wear my wool coat in the morning but somehow manage to wear shorts later in the afternoon. Strange, I know but this also means you don’t have to completely put away all of your summer items. You can always incorporate them into your fall style.

P.S In case you’ve been hiding under a rock NYC and Paris Fashion week take place during the Fall season so that should be a big enough reason for you to love.Crisp Air:  Enough said.Also, let’s not forget about the multicolour leaves! Corn Maze: Nothing says basic like a good old corn maze Instagram picture on a Sunday evening but hey! Who’s judging?

No more shaving: I’m cheating a little with this one, I don’t shave and before we start using out imagination I simply don’t get hair so I lucked out, however, I hear you ladies if I had to do this all the time I would have given up last fall…kidding…kinda.

Photographer: www.munzmedia.ca

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