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When deciding which skincare to use, I always opt for anything with oils. Nothing that will leave my skin greasy but I need hydration and oils seem to do the trick. by now you guys know I have dry and sensitive skin so it can be difficult finding something that works for me. I think we all go through that period of trying new skincare products and your skin will negatively react to it but if you use it in moderation after a while you get used to it. My skin is so sensitive that I never get pass that stage! in the past I would normally just stop using whatever the product is and go the natural route which honestly is never a bad idea. However, the older I get I realize how important it is to take care of your skin and use products that work for you and everyone is different so not one product is going to be perfect for everyone. If you’ve had the same experience I’ve had then a couple of these products can help. I am OBSESSED! with sprays which you can use before or after applying on your make-up and even throughout the day just to keep your face hydrated and feeling refreshed. I’ve currently been using the Coconut rose mist which I apply throughout the day with or without make up to avoid having my skin feeling dry and flaky.

The cleansing oil by Elizabeth Arden is a new product that I’ve started to use (SHOCKED I haven’t had a reaction) instead of face wipes. I normally apply the oil and leave it on for five minutes before rinsing it off to ensure that I am getting as much of the nourishments as I possibility can. After applying a small amount of warm water the oil turns into a milky emulsion and you can just rinse it off and it’ll leave your skin feeling refreshed and clean. The other product I use which I normally apply before bed is the Eight Hour Cream which is a multi-use moisturizer for face, body, and hair. You don’t have to apply it when you’re going to bed I do just to ensure I keep my skin from feeling dry in the morning.


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