Mermaid Hem Black Midi Dress








I am a firm believer in investing in pieces that are long lasting. I’m not into trendy pieces, although they can be great to mix together with other items, nonetheless, I try to stay clear. I found this mermaid hem black midi dress and thought it would be perfect for a wedding I’ll be attending.

I’m always looking for pieces that are classic, sophisticated and feminine yet strong and what’s more sophisticated than a little black dress? The best thing about black dresses is that you can wear it numerous times and style it differently for each event. I love the small lace details with this one. It made it easier for me to pair it with these statement black ball earrings while still having the dress be the main focus. And because this is an October wedding it’ll most likely be a little chilly outside so I decided to add the long cream coat to complete the look. Below are some similar dresses you guys can shop plus everything else I’m wearing in these pictures.

Happy Friday!

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