Three effortless beauty products for travel





Normally when I travel I try to take the necessity. I mean, who has the time to use it all, right? But, I was spending a month in Paris and I figured I needed to stock up. Nothing is worst than forgetting something and now you have to buy it in a different country or worst they don’t even sell it. I mean, I took everything from hair, …and of course skincare products, I reminded myself of that scene in sex and the city 2 where Samatha gets stopped by Airport security for having to many Hormone pills in her carry on and was forced to leave everything behind due to the UAE law…anyone else remember that scene? Well, I was Samatha and I definitely got stopped at security but lucky I didn’t have to throw anything away (phew!). So, for anyone else out there who thinks they should bring their entire beauty counter abroad, you don’t! I spent the whole trip using only three products and I didn’t touch anything else! what a waste of luggage right?! 

SUN OF A BEACH: You’ve likely seen me talk about OUAI products in my Instagram stories. They came out with “sun of a beach” this year and it’s an Ombre spray. My biggest worry every time I go light in the summer is that it’ll end up getting two too three times lighter than I like it to be. You can use the spray as many times as you’d like until you get the shade of light that you feel most comfortable. I would use mine when my hair was dried before and after a long day I  figured it’d keep it at the level I wanted it to which it did. I took a photo of how my hair looked the next morning after using the spray the night before to help keep my curls intact. This allows me to do minor touch ups which is a time saver!

FACE MIST BY HERBIVORE: This cocoanut water mist is perfect for hydrating and brightens your skin for those no make up days. I’m not new to face mist, I love them and I think everyone should stock up on as many of these as possible, Definitely the easiest way to take care of your skin. 

COCO ROSE BODY POLISH BY HERBIVORE: It’s an anti-inflammatory, noncomedogenic, and antioxidant body scrub. I have both dry and sensitive skin and I try to not irritate it which is why I stick to a lot of products with natural ingredients. This one I use 1 once a week.






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