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After months of being away from my blog I think it’s time we address the elephant in the room. First, I’d like to thank you for being so patient, I know it’s been awhile. I did my best to stay connected via Instagram, Instagram stories, and Facebook But I  have to say this is my favourite space to chat with all of you. 

Now, back to that elephant.

Why did it take so long to relaunch my blog? 

Initially, I wanted to change the layout which wouldn’t have taken nearly as long. But during this time I was taking a coding class as an elective. The more I learned ( My professor ended up giving me a website to learn all things HTML, CSS, javascript, you name it….THANK YOU!) the more curious I got and my attention shifted to the technology aspect of my blog. For anyone who knows anything about coding you know it’s like learning a new language plus it’s time consuming. One small error can affect the entire code, nonetheless, I was excited and determined.

I would say this is the main reason why it took so long, I love learning and I was intrigued. Plus, I took on other projects that were outside of what I do here.  However, It  didn’t make it any easier for me to get back on my blog. The longer it took the more nervous I got to reveal it. I knew the risk I was taking each time I had a delay. I wondered  if people  moved on from it, Especially in this digital age. I decided to trust the process anyways and focus on designing the website the way I wanted.

I am still not an expert at coding (yet 😉 ) but my blog is my safe haven. It allows me to pour my heart into what I’m passionate about and I love every part of developing it. I am consistently being challenged, I love the learning process, the mistakes I make a long the way, or those  “Aha” moments I get when I finally understand something and not to mention these impactful conversations I get to have with so many incredible women. 

As much as it feels like a break, it wasn’t, I was still working behind the scene. I was happy to do some work that you guys were able to see such as H&M and my entire Swimco campaign in Kelowna, BC. ( In case you missed it, here it is). 

I’m going to keep this short but once again, Thank you! for supporting BTBeauty.

Stick around, Get inspired and read up on whats new. 








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