Why you need to start taking your own advice.




I was racking my brains trying to come up with today’s think piece. I made a list of about 50 different topics and none of them felt quite right. I sat on this for two days straight. Then I decided to go back to my older posts to draw some inspiration. I went back to a post I recently did from my 25th Birthday and O.M.G!….. This is one of my favourite posts! it’s personal and It was refreshing going  back to it to gain some insight and “take my own advice” on a couple things I wrote down.

I realize so many of us are consistently preaching online and or getting advice (mostly opinions) from literally everyone. It can be difficult to tune out the noise and let your own compass guide you. 99.9% of the time we already know what we have to do. This is because our intuition is always there guiding us and protecting us. It’s okay to listen to people’s advice but It’s more important to take your own advice. Consider a situation where a friend comes to you for help and you get a birds eye view of the situation. It’s easy to solve other people’s problems because we can see where the solution lies. It’s increasingly harder to solve our own. The best thing we have to ensure that we make the best decision possible is our intuition. The more you listen and take your own advice the easier it becomes to trust and feel more confident in yourself. 











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