How To Kick Start Your Morning Run.




Running has always been one of my favourite activities. I love the adrenaline I get from it and the moment when it finally clicks to you that although your legs feel like giving up your mind can continue to push and you will prevail. It’s the one sport I’ve always felt made perfect sense with the saying “You vs You” mentality that every professional athlete talks about.

I made a five-month commitment sometime back in March (The 25th to be exact) to start my day with a morning run. If I’m being honest I didn’t make this commitment starting out. My only goal was to make sure I was going for a run every morning. I missed it and It’s always made me happy and fuels my energy. Before you know it 5 months later (skipping July because I was in Paris. Although I did run some mornings I wasn’t consistent so we won’t count it).

I know that for those of you who follow me on Instagram you’ve been along with me as a document my runs. I’m sure you’ve wondered why I haven’t yet dedicated a blog post to it. I wanted to get to a place where I felt like I can share the benefits I’ve learned that motivate me each morning to get up and just well…do it. Below a some of my best advise to help you kick start your morning in the most energetic and uplifting way.

Set your alarm and put it out of reach: This will force you to physically get up and turn it off and at this point you’ve mastered up the enough energy to grab your workout gear and head out the door.

Track your runs: I use the Nike Run Club and let me tell ya! it tells you everything from your total kilometres, total runs, and what your pace was for each of those. There is so much more on the app but I think it’s always good to set goals and even if you don’t meet them you can always go back check what you could have done right and execute for next time. Plus it makes you feel so much more accomplished when you can see how far you’ve come since starting out.

Hold yourself accountable: This is where my instagram stories came into play. I’m not sure how you’ll take this but it defiantly help me. I documented every single one of my runs when I was starting. It was a way for me to hold myself accountable. If i’m putting it out to the world then I really have to push myself to get better every single time I step out. Social media can easily get a bad reputation for what it does to our wellbeing but I also think you can use it for A LOT of good. Which I try to do. Now, you don’t have to do it the way I did. Ask a friend or family member to help motivate you and hold you accountable to what you said you wanted to accomplish until you feel it’s starting to come natural.





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