BTBeauty’s Top Beauty Picks for 2019


It’s crazy to think we’re already in 2019. The past year seemed to have gone by in a blink of an eye. I set some goals and I’m happy to have checked a few of them off. I believe in always thriving for improvement in every aspect of life. It can be big or small but as long as you’re always taking one step forward you’re on the right track.


One of the things I’m always interested in learning more about is skin care products. I think it’s such a fun journey to start when you get into trying out to products and seeing what works and what doesn’t work for your skin. I don’t believe it’s a one size fits all (Explains why it’s a billion-dollar industry) this is why I’m always in the search for adequate skin care for women of all skin types. As we head into the new year I thought it would be great to put together some of my current favourite skin care products. Anything from mist, masks, oils, and serums I’ve listed them below for you to take a look and hopefully find your new favourite item on here.


Happy New Year!



Shani Darden Texture Reform – Gentle Resurfacing Serum: All-in-one serum that targets texture, tone, and blemishes. It’s a nightly serum that will also help with brightening and redness of the skin.


Shani Darden’s daily cleansing serum: removes makeup and helps to prevent pore clogging.


Concentrated brightening essence from Caudalie: reduces dark spots, moisturizes and soothes skin.


Laneige: Crafted from mineral mud and mint water helps with removing. This gel-clay mask helps with clogged pores and impurities.


Elevated hydration mist from Honest beauty: I love mist! I think they are the simplest yet most effective skin care product out there. This one by Honest beauty is created with aloe vera. Mist help with hydrating your skin and this one does just that.


Energie De Vue Sleeping Face Mask from Lancome: Another mask! And this one helps to give your skin a healthier look, works as your sleeping to provide hydration and smoother skin.

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