Five Chic Essentials For Winter Travel.


Pack light! This is so easy to do during a summer trip but whenever you’re traveling anywhere cold it’s a bit difficult to pack light. However, I’ve learned that no matter where you’re going these five chic key pieces can be incorporated with any outfit and will make your life so much easier plus you don’t have to play the guessing game, you know, “will I need this?” or “I’ll pack this just in case” when you’re packing.  Blow is a list of my five chic essentials for cold weather travel.


Black turtle neck: A classic piece! You can’t go wrong with a black turtle neck there are so many ways you can style this piece and it’s not only chic but will keep you warm throughout the day.


Fidder Cap ( or any type of hat): I love this one from Brixton. I’ve always thought hats added a bit of excitement to any outfit. I’m a big fan of fodder hats lately.


Classic Black Coat: No matter what, this will always be a must. You need a warm jacket and if you’re worried about it looking to bulky then grab the classic black coat but make sure it keeps you warm.


Boots: It doesn’t even matter if you’re going somewhere that gets snow or not. Boots are a must. I love a good knee high or ankle boots are always fun to play around with as well.


Gloves: I’ve been looking for the perfect gloves for a good year now and by perfect, I mean ones that reach your elbows. I believe that when it comes to winter attire it’s okay to invest in pieces that are a bit pricey because they last a long time and of course will be utilized daily.




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