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I have a couple of bloggers that I’ve followed for years because of their creative work. From time to time I’ve noticed each one has posted an article about going through a time where they felt a lack of inspiration. I never truly resonated with this until recently. Blogging happens to be one of the many hats I wear in life. I believe the creative aspect of it can get lost when you’re focused on all of the other parts that bring it all together (Trust me there’s a lot…This is a one woman show).


It wasn’t up until I left for Paris that I realized just how much I’ve been craving creative inspiration. Attending all of the shows I did during fashion week sparked something in me that reminded me of my “why”. Nothing compares to being in a room full of like-minded people who you can learn from and vice versa. Each person had a sense of individualism which I love and I want to see more of that. I know some people might be thinking “but it was just a fashion show” – The thing is, fashion, has always taught me so much about being an individual. About speaking your own laughing through clothes which form the way you carry yourself. I have the upmost respect for all the designers because they create pieces that each person sees a new life in which creates a new meaning and understanding for them.


I’ve been wanting to share this post with you guys for a while now. I’ve put it off so many times (well, since last week) however, I wanted to because of this:


The importance of putting yourself in an environment that spark inspiration in you. Don’t understatement how vital this is.


I hope you remember that beauty is all around you. From what you wear, who you’re surrounded by, and where you are. Seek it! it shall seek you back (beauty talks beauty).


It’s important to show up as yourself because that’s different and different inspires more people than you think.


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