Happy International Women’s Day



To keep this post short, I’ll refer back to my post on Instagram this afternoon. It shouldn’t come to any surprise that at an early age both men and women are being fed a certain ideal standard of beauty. For women, society mostly focuses on our looks. This is fed to us through which Beauty products to use in order to stay “youthful”, style, and of course the ideal body type we need to thrive for. I don’t think this will ever change but I do believe it’s about changing our perspective on how we take this information in and learning to accept that the “ideal” beauty simply doesn’t exist. That women shouldn’t aim to be someone else’s idea of beauty but their own and more importantly they should focus on building the inside because that’s truly where their strength lies. I celebrate this international women’s day with women from all walks of life. Women who are changing the conversation in beauty, business, tech, and every other industry. Today and everyday Happy International Women’s day.


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