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This week, on The Conversation I got the chance to sit down with Jessica Burnett aka LOA.  Let’s face it, she’s killing it in the music industry and most importantly, she’s someone who truly believes in the power of stepping out of your comfort zone and making a difference. Coming from her show in Calgary, Jessica and I meant downtown for some wine and good girl chats. After three hours and a couple wine glasses later, it was clear that this is someone who wants to make a difference and have fun doing it. I hope you all enjoy my interview with this beautiful soul as much as I did. Check out the full interview below and link to her website for more of LOA’s music.



Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a 24-year-old arts grad working as a jewellery designer with Hillberg & Berk by day, and I’m a musician by the name of LOA most nights. I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, but I jet off to the BC mountains whenever I can. I pretty much live in my Santa Fe where I can listen to music and get my thoughts in order.
What inspired you to start putting your music out there?
Music is the one thing I was always pretty good at. Whether it was piano, harp, music theory and saxophone as a kid, or every choir I could make time for growing up. I knew how to do music, and I was in love with many different genres. So, as an adult I decided to try and make something my own. It was super nerve wracking putting my first attempt out into the world, but you become a bit addicted to improving on your sound and exploring all the different possibilities.
What do you feel people don’t understand about you being in a music genre that is male-dominated and in particular the message you’re trying to push for women?
I think some people have definitely thought that I’m infiltrating a scene I don’t belong in. The reality is simply that I love hip-hop music to my core, and it’s without a doubt one of my biggest influences. That being said, I don’t JUST want to classify myself as hip-hop, in fact I don’t think I could. The way I go about making music is one in the same with my message for women: Express yourself in every way possible- be bold and overtly sexual, the standards need so badly to be challenged.
Since this space is all about celebrating women and their beauty. What does beauty mean to you?
For me, beauty is all about the vibes you put into the world. When someone can exude an amazing energy effortlessly, that is when he or she is the most beautiful to me.
When do you feel the most beautiful?
I feel the most beautiful when I’m just hanging out, cross legged on a friend’s counter-top in some favourite jeans with my hair down. Comfort is key.
What is the most valuable lesson you have learned so far?
Everybody has a special power. Hone it, respect it and respect others.
Any advice for women young girls out there?
Question everything and think for yourself, ALWAYS. Xoxo
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