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I have come to the realization that my life depends on a life “list” this may or may not be healthy. I make a list for EVERYTHING! I think my lists actually extend to being five year plans… like I said may or may not be a healthy habit but that’s okay, It keeps my life in check. I make a list for every season as well sometimes things go as plan and sometimes they don’t but that’s life.

Spring in the ultimate transitioning season. A lot of people focus on their spring cleaning, planning trips, or whatever it is that they want to tackle. I try to take this time to focus on what my Spring/Summer plans will be or things that I just want to try out this season to step out of my comfort zone. While researching for this post I found a couple fun things to try out this Spring/Summer season. Check below to see my spring bucket list, I’m curious if you guys have any plans during this time. I’d love to hear it.


1. Volunteer – I have a couple places in mind where I’d love to volunteer this summer and I’m looking forward to it.

2. Plan a comping trip– I used to go camping when I was younger …okay “Glamping” but in all seriousness I’d really like to go this summer just to get out of my comfort zone and enjoy the whole experience.

3. Redecorate – There is nothing more I love than this! not only does redecorating change the look of a space but it gives it new energy. A space can go from being dull and uninspiring to being the most inspiring room in the house.

4. Pick up a new activity /hobby – Maybe you’re into Yoga and have put it off for awhile but going back will make you feel so much better! not to mention its so refreshing…I’m giving this advice because I’ve put off boxing for SO long and its the only workout that makes me extremely happy. So note to self…sign up for a  boxing class. Also, I hear Barre work outs are the best!

5. Plan a summer trip– This can even be a road trip with your friends but I find that going somewhere new helps motivate you when you get back home. Trips are exciting and most importantly you feel like you have earned if after some time spent in school or working a lot.

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