5 ways volunteering can help you land your dream job


In celebration of National Volunteer Week, I am proud to represent organizations such as Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) that help girls and young women succeed personally and professionally. I believe the act of volunteering shows generosity and has hidden values that are sometimes over looked. Time, talent, hard work, and experience are valued not just in non-profit sectors but in the job force as well. It’s safe to say that as millennials we want to reach our goals so quickly and can feel discouraged when we don’t meet the requirements simply because we don’t have enough real work experience. Volunteering your time allows you to meet these qualifications before applying to your dream job. Girl Guides of Canada (GGC) volunteer programs empower young women to challenge themselves, find their voice, meet new friends, have fun and make a difference in the world. Volunteer positions range in areas of expertise like global and cultural awareness, career exploration, science and technology, and the arts, all of which are extremely important in raising the next generation of women. I know it can be difficult for young millennials to build their resume and achieve their dream job all while trying to contribute to their community but it is possible! I did my volunteering through day cares, my church, and school and it helped me gain a lot of valuable skills. Here are 5 ways volunteering can help you land your dream job.

Expand personal and professional network: Look for volunteer opportunities that not only fulfill your personal goals, but help you showcase your professional skills as well. This is beneficial on both ends. You’re not only lending a helping hand but you’re also networking in your areas of expertise. Either way being in an environment with like-minded people motivates you to do better and be better.


Developing life skills: I know that GGC volunteer position offers opportunities for young women to develop essential skills such as teamwork, time management, collaboration, interpersonal skills and even career-related skills like financial planning, conflict resolution, risk management and much more. The skills and experiences gained will last them a lifetime and are recognized and valued by employers.

Travel: Educating yourself on global issues and cultures helps you understand and communicate better with people. Girl Guides of Canada offers volunteers the opportunity to represent the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl scouts at global events such as the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. These Nationally- sponsored programs helps you meet so many different types of like-minded people.

Build your Resume: Everyone hates those gaps in resumes and they may be the reason why your resume won’t get a second look. My University offered career development sessions and I learned the best way to cover this gap is by filling it with volunteer work. The next time you’re not working, volunteer to gain relevant work experience and career-based skills that will help you stand out to your dream job.

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