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Can you believe it’s already December 1st today? I feel like the holidays are the most productive time of the year and the most fulfilling. I think it’s safe to say one of the best parts about this time of year is being able to dress up for all the parties you get to attend.

Last weekend I was able to do just that at The Hotel Saskatchewan, here in Regina. It’s no secret this is perhaps my favourite place in the city. The hotel is located across from Victoria Park in the heart of downtown. It is hands down  my aesthetic dreams come true. I am in love with every bit of the hotel’s luxurious 20th Century architecture.  It’s the perfect place to throw an event during the Holidays. 

As many of you followed via Instagram stories and Snapchat you witnessed some dancing and us having a little too much fun. It was the perfect way to celebrate a holiday event! if we weren’t in our hotel room we were downstairs in the hotel lounge enjoying live music. It was the quintessential Holiday atmosphere as another company was there hosting their Holiday event. This brought together people from in and out of town. We were able to mingle with others while taking in everything the hotel had to offer. 

A highlight of ours was knowing that as soon as any of us got tired, our bed was only 10 floors away in the Dorchester suite. As soon as this happened it was time for the high heels and make up to come off and say hello to the hotel’s soft white robes (I think Room service thought I was crazy when I asked for six robes to room 1039 but heyyy, comfort first right?). And of course we didn’t go to bed right away! Every hotel stay seems to end with everyone gathering in one room with their robes on, wine, and some good old fashion girl talk and a dance party. 

 THANK YOU to everyone at The Hotel Saskatchewan for such a memorial and spectacular stay. I am so happy to share my experience with you, my readers and anyone who stumbles upon my page. Our event was throughly thought out by the Hotel and I hope for anyone having an event there has the same experience we did. 

Happy Holidays,


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