Reflecting on 2017


Reflecting on 2017 these last couple of days has really made me think about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I don’t mean to be cliche but a new year should bring about a new perspective. It’s important to set goals each day no matter how small or big but its also great to reflect on the past and learn from it. For me, the things that stick out the most are these precious moments I got to spend with my family, friends or doing what I love and thats so liberating. It makes all the bad moments I had seem so minor which in reality they were. I am so beyond grateful for everything in my life. But thats not to say the last year has been a walk in the park.


I’ll admit, I had moments of doubts and uncertainty. Bloggers or anyone seldomly shares these moments online but trust me we all go through our ups and downs. I put together my top 5 take away from 2017 and I’d love to hear what some of yours are.

1. Patience 

I used to get up in the morning and find myself thinking about everything on my to- do list, Whether that was for that day or week. Actually, I would start the night before and strategies how I was going to finish everything so I could move on to the next big thing. I didn’t leave myself enough breathing room. In fact, at one point I was joggling three primary goals which ultimately left me giving 10% of myself to each of them. Not good. Regardless, I learned to be patient with myself by finishing and ending the day in my control. Each day, I focused on three important items on my to-do list that would help me reach my long term goals. I then visualized myself actively accomplishing these goals during my morning meditation. This helps me get a vivid image of how i’m going to tackle the challenges that I may encounter along the way. At the end of the day I meditate by reflecting on my entire day and the outcome. Ultimately, this helps me see what I could have done differently and how far a long I have gotten towards the bigger goal. It’s a routine i’ve done in the past and it’s always helped me but like many I get caught up in the everyday hustle that I forget to be patient with myself.

2. Take care of your health

Mind, Body, and Soul. We often focus on our physical health and we don’t realize how our daily routine can affect our over all being. Work out because its good for your physical and mental wellbeing. surround yourself in environments that leave you with a  positive perspective on life and motivate you to be great. This is ultimately whats good for your soul. I’ve learned to be one with my body. I’ve learned to really pay attention to what my body is trying to say to me and to act quickly.

3. Loyalty Vs. Integrity

Have you ever been in a position that puts your integrity at risk for the sake of your loyalty to someone? I witnessed this a lot in the past year. Not only personally but from those close to me as well. I started to question if these two can co-exists or can you solely have one without the other. People always say they want someone loyal whether that be in romantic relationships, friendships or with relatives and even co-workers but I’ve realize that I prefer a person with integrity. Ultimately, I believe they do co-exists, however, loyalty can be fleeting but integrity allows you to look in the mirror and be proud or ashamed of the image looking back. Stay tuned because I’m still pondering on this one, maybe it’s the only thing i’ll take with me in 2018.

4. I feel the most peaceful here. 

And by here I mean, right here working on my website. I feel the most myself and at ease when I can block everything out and focus on improving this space I’ve created. If I had to give anyone advise it would be to find what sets your soul on fire. In the midst of my busy schedule I find myself at the end of the day research and learning all that I can to making this space as inspiring and motivating as I possibly can. I learned to give it more of myself. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scene than just a beautiful image.

5. I still have a lot to learn.





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