25 lessons I learned in 25 years

If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you’re aware that I recently celebrated my 25th birthday. In light of this, I thought I should write down some things I’ve learned along the way. 25 has always been that “perfect” age for me. I don’t normally do anything extravagant  to celebrate my birthdays. I either travel somewhere or have a small dinner with friends and family but I figured this one deserved a bigger celebration that I’ll always remember. I hosted my party at The Hotel Saskatchewan in the Royal Suite. The theme was black, gold, and rose gold ( I think I’m the only one who showed up in rose gold….my hair). It was a spectacular night in a stupendous setting. The hotel staff were truly incredible in helping to make my night as special as i hoped it would be. Here are 25 lessons that I’ve learned in 25 years.
Stop apologizing
I mean, own your mistakes and make amends. But that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about apologizing for who you are, your beliefs, chasing your dreams, and things you can’t control.  Apologizing constantly as a way of avoiding conflict or proving yourself worth to others does nothing for you.
Learn to listen.
Developing good listening skills is important in any relationship. It matters in business, romantic relationships, friendships or your family relations. Everyone has something to bring to the table. Listen and learn because it only benefits you in the long run. You’re given two ears and one mouth for a reason, try to listen twice as much as you talk.
Self care is so important.
Mind, body, and soul. You have to be at your best to give your best. It’s not being selfish, in fact, its the complete opposite. If you want to be of service to others then you have to be at your best.
Pay attention to politics and social issues. It’s important.
Health care, taxes, benefits, and many things that affect us are decisions made in the political realm. It’s important you are consistently aware and realize early on you have a voice and it matters. Speak on social issues, take a stand, there is nothing more pathetic than a wasted opinion.
Don’t settle for mediocrity in romantic relationships. Have fun but always know your worth.​
Yes, its 2018 and the dating world seems to have lost it’s personal interactions. Everything seems to be electronic. But don’t settle for less than you deserve. Find someone who values, respects, and admires you. Someone who is aware of your self worth. It’s easy to think you know people through social media but you don’t. Form a deeper, real, meaningful, and honest connection with someone. It’s worth it.
Spend more time with family.
I grew up with old school family values and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Family is everything to me. They remind you of where you come from and help you in your path to achieving your success. My family keeps me grounded.
Privacy is the new luxury.
In the world of Instagram stories/pictures and snapchat’s confusing update who knows what you could be exposing to your followers.There is such a thing as over sharing. I know this can be confusing coming from someone who blogs but you guys get to see 10% of my life. Even bloggers with 100K some followers who you think you know, you don’t. They are displaying what they want you to see of them. Bloggers are presenting an image, it doesn’t mean its inauthentic, its just business.
It’s okay if you’re not into partying. ​
It took me up until my 2nd year of University to realize I’m just not that girl. Personally, it was always one of those things I did because it was happening and I went with the flow. In reality, I’d rather be at home drinking wine/cooking with my sisters or friends. Then again, maybe I’m just getting old.
Take good care of your skin.
I wish I started this way back in high school. Don’t sleep with make up on. Drink lots of water, and as creative and fun as doing your make up can be, it’s more important for your skin to be taken care of in a healthy way.
Business and polite don’t mix. You can be fair but being polite is not you being fair to yourself. 
Making decisions isn’t always easy. You have to live with the outcome, good or bad, so you might as well make it easier on yourself right off the bat. Make sure you’re making decisions for your business that are positive. Not everyone will agree with everything you choose to do, and you might piss some people off, but that’s okay. Compromise reluctantly.
Don’t let people put you in a box. You define who you are.
It’s important to remember that you write your own story. Own every single aspect of it and don’t allow others to minimize you. There will always be people who think negatively of you even if they haven’t meant you yet. This is okay because it takes away from you thinking negatively of yourself so allow them to carry the burden for you. Focus on uplifting yourself every day.
Don’t be so quick to judge. 
You think you know but you have no idea. Every single one of us is so special and you have to allow people to shine. Allow them to show you who they are so you can form a connection. It is easy to judge who someone is, where they come from or who you believe they are based on other people’s perception. Form your own opinion.
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Take the lessons it brings but remember nothing bad will last forever. 
Failure is a great teacher. Learn from it because when things don’t work out they can be for our own good.
Crave more adventure in life.
You want to live a life full of adventure with the people you love. Travel often and do things outside of your comfort zone. Life is way more exciting when you’re constantly gaining new insight.
Develop a good sleeping pattern. There are so many  benefits to this. 
You just can’t function if you’re running on 3hrs of sleep. Get a good night’s sleep and function like a normal person the next day.
It’s okay to be a workaholic. 
I feel like the term “workaholic” has had a negative connotation to it and I don’t see it that way. Of course, this will depend on where you are in life, however, you don’t need to apologize for liking what you do and wanting to be in that environment. I believe its okay to work hard towards achieving your goals as long as you remember to keep a healthy balance between work and play.
Find something to be grateful for each day. ​
We are blessed to have whatever we have in life. There is so much to be grateful for. Whether it’s your family, your friends, your job, your dreams, be grateful.
The people who tell you that you can’t do something are the ones that will push you to achieve it.
 Speaking of grateful, be grateful for these types of people. They will show you what you are capable of accomplishing simply by doubting you.
Follow your gut instinct.
No family member, friend, or teacher knows what’s best for you other than you. Follow your instinct.
Be curious about everything. 
Everything is so connected we sometimes forget this. Keep an open mind and allow yourself to learn something new everyday.
Take risks. You don’t have to follow everyone else’s path in life. 
We often feel pressure to follow the herd that doesn’t always make us happy. You need to recognize what makes you singularly happy and follow that path.
Be an optimist. 
This doesn’t mean you think everything will be great all the time. The power of positive thinking is a huge weapon in life.
Confidence is key.
I don’t believe in “Fake it until you make it.” It’s hard to project the image you want to be if you aren’t confident in what that is. define yourself with confidence and show the world.
Dress for success.
We all know clothes don’t make the woman, but when I am feeling less than 100% confident I get an added boost from making sure my outfit matches what I hope to feel.
Spending money is just as important as earning it. 
I wish we learned this in high school because understanding your finances is extremely important. The older I get the more I realize the importance of separating my wants from my needs.
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