Happy *Canadian* Thanksgiving





This month started off pretty incredible. As I’m writing this it’s officially Canadian Thanksgiving. I wanted to dedicate this post to all of the things we should be grateful for. Life gets busy and I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to bury myself in my schedule so much so that I forget to look up and appreciate what’s around me. I’m only human. I know we should be grateful every single day but it doesn’t hurt to have an entire day (long weekend) dedicated to everything that fuels our fire.


The most obvious one here is to always be grateful for your family and friends. I think it’s equally as important to appreciate the little things in life. The older I get I realize just how important and big those little things really are. I’m challenging anyone who reads my blog to pick three qualities about themselves or things that are in their lives. Wake up every morning and give thanks to those things. A change in perspective goes a long way and magnifying something small gives you so much enjoy. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.













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