Why your most unique qualities are your best qualities.










I was listening to a podcast on my drive home a few days ago and I heard this quote “If I can do what you can do and you can do what I can do then one of us is irrelevant” I know this might come across a bit critical but the positive message I took from it is that it’s important to try and be ourselves all of the time. I thought of all the women I’ve interviewed. Their perspective on life, beauty, and confidence makes them beautiful because they all brought something completely different to the table. Their own unique personalities.  I know it might sound like bs advise when people tell you to “Just be yourself” and I know it’s not easy. I think it’s one of the hardest things we can fight for but there is nothing worse than seeing someone emulate someone else. People see right through it and it’s inauthentic. Plus, you cheat yourself out of bringing something valuable to the table.

I personally believe one of the greatest things about being a woman is that we inspire one another by being ourselves. I remember knowing earlier on when I was a teenager just how different I was from everyone around me. It was during those times that I focused on harnessing my individuality and take pride in it.

I hope this is something you take with you this week. I hope you respect and value how different you are because the world needs that. We need different minds so we can learn and grow from one another. By the way I thought this silk trench was perfect for this post because of its versatility….Always bring something different to the table.


Happy Wednesday.









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