Hi, I’m Leticia.

The founder and editor of Beauty talks beauty. A lifestyle blog dedicated to inspiring and empowering women in all aspects of life. I am a 20 something social science student, Quenching my thirst to better understand the roles of women in our society. My perspective has been shaped growing up as the youngest of six women. I hope this space inspires you to feel a little more confident in your style, beauty, and wellness journey. I hope for Beauty Talks Beauty to carve a niche for women who inspire other women. So stay awhile, Get inspired and I invite you to join in on the conversation.



What does Beauty Talks Beauty Mean?

I knew people would interpret this as a blog about beauty. They may think my ego tells them I’m beautiful and want to talk about beauty. None of that is correct – My mom used to always say  “The mirror lies, you know”  I didn’t understand it then but the older I got it made sense to me. No matter how much time you spend in front of the mirror it will only reflect back the physical image, nothing else. It won’t tell you anything about your character or your self-worth. It’s up to you to define yourself. This lesson has been a way of life for me and how I view the world in general. I get in what I put out and it’s beyond beauty.